From 7am on Saturday 7th August - 6pm on Sunday 8th August works are being carried out to the boosted water pump in the Wessex House Plantroom. The mains water supply will be isolated and there will be no water supply to the below locations:

6 West 6 West South 8 West 10 West Polden Polden Court Wessex House 5 West 5 West Glaxo 7 West 9 West Quarry Mendip Conygre Quantock Westwood Nursery Derhill Wolfson Westwood Operations Office

Alternative facilities will need to be used throughout the duration of the works.

Disruption to the water supply at Polden will be kept to a minimum - around 1 hour at approximately 10am to 11am.

All works will be completed by Contractors BS3.