For some time the Department of Estates has been working with O2 to install a telecommunication mast to increase choice and coverage for mobile and data use on our campus.

Following detailed planning, arrangements have now been confirmed. Subject to weather, particularly wind speeds, O2's installers will arrive on the morning of Easter Sunday, 31 March to set up the crane and install the mast.

The taxi rank by the Bus Arrivals Square will be closed late evening on Saturday 30 March to allow the 130 ton crane to locate at the east entrance to the underdeck.

The main crane will be supported by a second 30 ton crane, other support vehicles and the equipment for the roof top installation. The Vinci site (the new General Teaching Accommodation) will be closed, and there will be no deliveries planned for the Students' Union. The Fresh and SU shops are also due to be closed that day.

There will be some restrictions for pedestrian access onto the Parade from the east end which will be signed and barriered off, and marshals will be in attendance. The route from the Arrivals Square alongside 6E will be restricted to allow access into building 6E only.

The new bridge alongside the Founders Hall will be the only route up to the Parade during the period of the set-up, lift and de-rigging. It is imperative for your safety that you comply with the signage and instructions.

Special arrangements will be made to host those requiring the disabled access lift from level 1 up to Parade, and back again. You must make the marshals aware of your requirements to use the lift and follow their instructions.

There will be minimal noise and it is hoped that the site will be reopened in the evening.

Estates apologise for any inconvenience arising from these works; however this will increase mobile and data coverage on campus and the type and size of crane is fairly unique so this will be a major event for those interested in the built environment.