The University is saddened to announce the death of Gill Trevett, formerly Senior Assistant Registrar, who passed away on 29 October.

Richard Mawditt, Gill's former colleague and Registrar, said "Gillian Trevett, Senior Assistant Registrar at the University from 1987-1995, has sadly died following an unfortunate accident and not having enjoyed the best of health in recent years. Gill will be remembered by colleagues across the University as the person who oversaw the undergraduate admissions section of the Registrars Office with a dedicated resolve to give every opportunity to potential students who applied to come to Bath during many exciting years of growth and quality assurance.

"Her alliance with Directors of Study enabled the university to attract and admit those of the high standard Bath has maintained until the present day. The Registrar’s only complaint was she used too much electricity as she worked the long hours to do her job to her satisfaction! Besides her role in Bath, Gill was committed to training others and especially renowned for her "Assertiveness for Women Professionals’ programmes". She played a mean game of tennis as well."

Gill's former colleagues are invited to attend her funeral which will be held at Haycombe Crematorium in Bath on 3 December at 12.15pm.