Sylvia retired from the University in 2006. She and her husband, Ken, enjoyed their retirement, travelling, cruising, and visiting the theatre. They were involved with U3A in Frome, an organisation for the over 50s providing social companionship, as well as the local gardening club.

Ken died in 2013 and Sylvia carried on with similar activities, often going on holiday with a cousin, as well as meeting friends for coffee or lunch.

In July 2015 Sylvia suffered a stroke, but after a few months she was socialising again, having worked hard to overcome her speech problems. COVID shut everything down, but as soon as it was possible she was out and about again. She went on a solo trip to Jersey in May, and it was there that she died.

Professor Andrew Burrows, current Head of Chemistry, said "Sylvia was an important and dedicated member of the department up until her retirement. When I started in Bath she was always available to help and explain how the university worked."

She will be sorely missed by her ex-University colleagues, with whom she was in regular contact.