The following opportunities are available from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and URKI to provide strategic input:

EPSRC Strategic Advisory Teams Membership Vacancies

EPSRC is welcoming applicants for vacancies in Capital Infrastructure, e-Infrastructure, Engineering, Information Communication Technologies, Manufacturing the Future and Mathematical Sciences Strategic Advisory Teams (SATs), the cross-council Digital Economy Programme Advisory Board (PAB), and the cross-council Energy Programme’s Scientific Advisory Committee. The advisory teams are devised as a flexible resource, enabling Heads of Theme to obtain the strategic advice they need in a timely manner. Closing 16.00 29 July 2021.

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Dr Anneke Luben, Head of the Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility (MC2), says:

As a Research Technical Professional I had to really be encouraged to apply, and am certainly glad I did as I have really enjoyed my time on the Capital Infrastructure (Equipment) SAT. It has given me a chance to advocate for RTPs and Research Facilities more broadly, and to have real impact in the operational and strategic priorities of EPSRC. My input often brings a different and very practical perspective to discussions within our SAT, whilst I gain great insights into the operations of UK research councils and HEIs through the discussions and other committee members. The spin outs from my SAT role have been extensive involvement in Peer Reviewing of grant proposals, and participation in various working groups where my specialist input helps to shape UKRI thinking. It has given me a great network of new contacts, new insights, and an opportunity to help shape the future direction of research in the UK.

EPSRC Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research

EPSRC seeks expressions of interest for membership of the Manufacturing the Future Early Career Forum. Applicants should have a strong focus on advancing the UK’s international reputation in manufacturing research, be open to developing inter-disciplinary research agendas, help with two way communication between EPSRC and the early career manufacturing research community, and have an interest in participating in research policy development. Closing date for Expressions of Interest is 16.00 22 July 2021.

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Dr Vimal Dhokia, Department of Mechanical Engineering, says:

Being part of the ECR forum in manufacturing research for 3 years has enabled me to grow my research network and help shape EPSRC policy and future calls.

UKRI Early Career Researcher Forum

The UKRI Early Career Researcher Forum (ECR Forum) aims to give researchers a voice in UKRI’s strategy, policy development and decision making. UKRI is launching the forum following the publication of its action plan for the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, which commits UKRI to giving a greater voice and representation to early career researchers.

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Ethnic diversity is particularly encouraged in UKRI advisory and governance groups.