Dear All,

Over the next few weeks, we will be beginning the bulk renewal of parking permits for the new academic year, however there will be some changes to the way permits are issued.

Given that a high percentage of staff will no longer be travelling to campus full time, the decision has been made to issue all staff that are home working (permanently, or for more than two days a week) with an Occasional User permit. Only staff that work for Estates or AHS, or that identified themselves on the HR staff survey as needing to be on campus for more than two days a week will be issued with a Standard permit, all other staff will automatically be sent an Occasional User permit.

If you are not included in one of the groups above but will be on campus for more than two days a week, please respond by Friday 11th September 2020 to this email to let us know that you will need a Standard permit.

Standard permits have increased in price to £143.04 for the new academic year, in line with the 1.5% April RPI increase. Occasional User permits will need to be validated with a £1.20 JustPark payment when on campus.

We will not be charging for parking in September 2020. Payments for Occasional User parking permits and monthly salary deductions for Standard parking permits will resume from 1st October 2020.

Please note that as of August 2020 Parking Services can only be contacted through email. All parking queries should be sent to

Kind Regards, Parking Services