PhD student Katy Brown from Bath’s Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies, has had her first article published in the academic journal Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power.

The article, entitled When Eurosceptics become Europhiles: far-right opposition to Turkish involvement in the European Union, explores the seeming paradox of strongly Eurosceptic parties staunchly defending Europe in order to reject Turkey on the basis of its ‘non-Europeanness’.

Her study draws on theories of Islamophobia and Orientalism to analyse the anti-Turkey discourse of far-right parties in the UK and France, highlighting that these exclusions form part of a long tradition of racism towards ‘the Orient’.

Katy Brown is a first-year PhD student in Politics. Her doctoral research focuses on the mainstreaming of far-right ideas, exploring the role of mainstream elites within politics, the media and academia in creating a receptive environment for such ideas.

Katy developed the article from her Master’s thesis. Pleased that it has been published, she said: “My first experience of the review process has been very positive, with great support from my supervisor Dr Aurelien Mondon and constructive feedback from reviewers.”