Please be aware that there will be a large project of repairs and remediation works to the Underdeck from Monday 18 March 2024. This will be running for several months, through to September.

During this time, various sections of the Underdeck will be inaccessible for all vehicles and access to pedestrians will be limited to critical staff only. While all emergency egress routes will be viable, no unauthorised staff will be allowed to transit through works zones during this time.

In order to minimise impact to all site users and manage logistics, works have been split into six phases, the first of which will be under 3 West in line with the site plan shown, which is expected to last around eight weeks. As the project continues updates will be sent out showing each project zone following consultation with relevant stakeholders.

The disabled parking by 3W will continue to be affected by the new set of scaffolding that will be going up.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you have any queries, please contact the Campus Infrastructure Helpdesk via email on

If you are aware of a colleague who would benefit from receiving Campus Infrastructure interruption emails, details of how they can join the mailing list are available here.