A POLIS student is behind the University becoming the first hub outside London to get involved in the Cube Movement – a social media network campaigning against modern day slavery.

Jenna Logeais and a team of six other students launched the local initiative at a special event held this week in the Chancellors' Building where they were joined by Philipp Engel, the founder and director of the project.

“I really believe in this scheme and I want the University to be able to say we were at the start as it takes off around the world,” said Jenna.

The Cube Movement encourages people to buy wooden cubes which each has a unique number on it, along with facts about modern slavery. You then log into the Cube Movement website and put in your pin number and location which logs the beginning of its journey. You then pass the cube on to other people on your travels. Each time it lands in the hands of someone new they log its location on the website and the cube’s journey is tracked online.

“You can then see how far your cube has travelled across the world as it builds chains of awareness and communication between people about the problems of modern slavery,” explained Jenna.

“Our event on campus went really well and the turn-out was very encouraging so I couldn't be more pleased.”

Jenna got involved in the scheme after travelling to the One Young World Summit in South Africa earlier in the year. This annual summit brings together the brightest young people from around the world to share their vision, views and ideas to create practical and achievable commitments for positive change.

At this year's fourth annual Summit 1,300 young future leaders from over 180 countries around the world spoke alongside global figures including Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General, Sir Richard Branson and Sir Bob Geldof.

Jenna was selected by the University's Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences to become the first Bath student to attend the event.

She said: "One Young World was a unique opportunity to meet other ambitious young people from around the world, and to discuss and find sustainable and concrete solutions for the most pressing issues the world faces today, such as modern slavery. I felt really inspired so when I returned I thought this was a great initiative and wanted to see if I could create the first hub outside of London.”

Find out more about the Cube Movement on its website www.cubemovement.com or email Jenna.