It was announced on 10 September 2019 that the Post Study Work visa, rescinded in 2012, will be reinstated in 2020/21.

Our understanding is that, from next year, all international graduates could qualify for a two-year period to work in the UK, increasing their chances of finding long-term employment after studying. We understand that this new post-graduation route would apply to Tier 4 students, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, enrolling or graduating in academic year 2020/21.

If made into policy, the Post Study Work visa route would have no cap on numbers and would allow graduates to apply for jobs regardless of their skills or the subject they studied.

This proposal is excellent news for our international students and future applicants looking to stay for an additional 2 years in the UK post-graduation to look for and /or take up work at any skill level.

At this stage, this is yet to be turned into policy and we will publish further updates when more information becomes available.