The Postgraduate application cycle for 2018 entry opened on Wednesday, 6 September for all postgraduate taught and postgraduate research applicants.

New applicants will be using an improved form, which also marks the completion of the first phase of the Postgraduate Paperless Admissions Project.

Some highlights are that the form is now mobile responsive, has new and improved upload buttons which should make it easier for applicants to upload documents. The form has also had some significant improvements to its usability. Applicants can now move freely around all 5 pages of the form at their leisure, with icons at the top to indicate whether the page has been fulfilled before the application is submitted.

There is also some new functionality in how submitted application forms interact with SAMIS, which will make it easier and faster for the Postgraduate Taught Central Team and the Doctoral College to process applications and make decisions and offers. More improvements to the application processing will be forthcoming in the Postgraduate Paperless Admissions Project.