University of Bath Pro-Chancellor Annie Maw climbed to the top of Glastonbury Tor in wheelchair on Saturday 4 May.

Annie, former Lord Lieutenant of Somerset, had never been to the top of the iconic landmark – even before she had her horse-riding accident in 2002 which led to her becoming a wheelchair-user.

She completed the climb in a specially adapted chair and was supported by Festival Medical Services, a charity that provides medical services for big outdoor events including Glastonbury Festival.

Annie was raising money for local disability charities - Motivation and Humanity & Inclusion.

Motivation is an international disability and inclusion charity based in Bristol that provides wheelchairs, training and support to empower disabled people in Africa and India to gain independence, improve their confidence and transform their own lives.

Humanity & Inclusion works alongside disabled and vulnerable people around the world, particularly in countries affected by conflict, natural disaster and poverty.

Former nurse Annie said: "I had the most amazing experience of being up there, which is an extraordinary, unique place."

“I took on this challenge for two reasons; firstly to raise money on behalf of Festival Medical Services and the two charities they are currently supporting, and secondly to highlight that being a wheelchair-user can bring many difficulties in getting around to places that able-bodied people take for granted – but we must keep pushing the boundaries and proving there is more and more we can achieve.”