The BCS Academy of Computing is a society dedicated to advancing the “creation, study and application of knowledge in computing for the benefit of society”. Bringing together scholars, researchers and professionals from differing backgrounds the Academy aims to provide a platform to “drive the success of computing in the future”.

Professor Davenport said: "BCS, and particularly its academic wing, is going through a massive change. From being a purely university subject, computing, as opposed to driving packages, is going to be taught seriously in schools.

“The easier - though far from easy - part, changing the National Curriculum, has been done, and we are now embarked on the much more difficult challenge of delivery. I look forward to helping BCS meet this major challenge."

Professor Liz Bacon, the incoming President of BCS, said: "James has worked for BCS for many years on professional accreditation, and more recently with Computing at School and its national Network of Excellence, of which he is a regional coordinator.

“He has already started work for the Academy Board, and BCS looks forward to benefiting from his enthusiasm and energy over the next three years.”