He will be an Honorary Professor in the University’s Division of Medical Biochemistry, Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences. His Professorship will begin on 1 July and run for five years.

Professor Acharya’s research centres on structural biology problems relating to human diseases, including cancer.

He works with biologists, pharmacologists, chemists and clinical scientists from the UK and abroad to define the detailed structures of important proteins.

His research has advanced knowledge in several key areas of both animal and human health, including defining the structure of Angiotensin-1 Converting Enzyme (ACE) - a major target for the control of hypertension.

Professor Edward Sturrock, who nominated Professor Acharya for the Honorary Professorship along with Professor Peter Meissner, said: “Professor Acharya has an excellent track record of research and is a long standing and highly valued member of the University”.

“He has an enviable international academic reputation and is recognised worldwide having made significant scientific contributions to the field of structural molecular biology.”

Professor K. Ravi Acharya said: “I have already enjoyed over 10 years of collaboration working with academic colleagues at the University of Cape Town. It is a great honour to be recognised by the UCT through this Professorship and I expect it will further strengthen our ties.”