The Joseph Bramah Medal

The Joseph Bramah Medal is awarded annually by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers for “outstanding achievement tending to advance the science of mechanical engineering, particularly in the field of hydraulic engineering.”

The 2016 Bramah Medal was presented to Professor Andrew Plummer, Director of the Centre for Power Transmission and motion Control, here at the University of Bath. The presentation was made by Professor Jan-Ove Palmberg of Linköping University (the 1997 Bramah Medal winner).

Global Fluid Power Society

The Global Fluid Power Society is a worldwide network of organizations with an interest in fluid power technology and education. With about 40 members, including all the major fluid power research institutes, its aims are to promote communication and cross-fertilization of ideas and help co-ordinate conferences and events for effective research dissemination across the globe. Membership also includes trade bodies, companies, and learned societies.

On both achievements Professor Plummer said:

The Bramah medal has been awarded to some really influential fluid power engineers over the years, from both industry and academia, and it is a privilege to be numbered amongst them. This is a great springboard for my term as Chair of the GFPS, as we try to create synergy between fluid power researchers throughout the world, as well as a fitting tribute to Bath’s Centre for Power Transmission and Motion Control in its 50th year.