Professor and Political Philosopher Brad Evans from the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies at the University of Bath, has released a new anthology alongside environmental, political, and cultural thinker and activist Adrian Parr, called Conversations on Violence: An Anthology with Pluto Press.

Continuing from Professor Brad Evans' work on violence, this anthology brings together critical voices from artists, scholars, cultural producers and literary writers in engaging and challenging debates to confront and critique violence in its many forms and manifestations, namely in politics, art, discrimination, and decolonisation.

It features in-depth interviews with leading critical thinkers including:

Reflecting on the anthology, Professor Brad Evans commented: "The problem of violence is both timely and timeless. It is also something that demands an open and engaged conversation. This book has grown out of many conversations with public figures, academics and artists, each of which bring their own unique voice to the subject. In a world that is so intent on closing discussion down, my hope with this anthology is to push in the other direction and take seriously the idea that the intolerable needs to be confronted."

Find out more about this anthology and get an exclusive peek to its introduction. The anthology is now available to purchase.

About the authors:

Brad Evans is a Professor of Political Violence & Aesthetics at University of Bath. He is a political philosopher, critical theorist, and writer, who specializes on the problem of violence and who is a columnist at LA Review of Books. The author of 11 books and edited volumes, along with over 50 academic and media articles, he holds a Chair in Political Violence & Aesthetics at the University of Bath.

Adrian Parr is an internationally recognised environmental, political and cultural thinker and activist. She is the Dean of the College of Design at the University of Oregon, and she serves as a UNESCO Chair on Water and Human Settlements.