We are carefully reopening our campus for our staff and students.

Activities have been started only when we are satisfied that all the necessary measures have been put in place. We will continue to monitor research and adapt our approach in response to the latest government and public health guidance.

You will see changes to our campus to help protect you and ensure a Covid-Secure environment:

  • Hand sanitiser stations at the entrance and exit of each opened building

  • One way systems with dedicated entrances and exits wherever possible

  • Visible two metre social distancing and queue arrangements clearly laid out

  • Positioning of equipment to enable social distancing

  • Perspex screens in areas such as the retail outlets

  • Signage indicating maximum room capacity

  • Enhanced cleaning of buildings, objects and surfaces to reduce the opportunity for virus transmission

To help protect yourself, ensure good hand hygiene, including using the hand sanitiser stations where provided. Use sanitiser or local washrooms prior to exiting the building.

To help protect others:

  • Maintain social distancing wherever possible.

  • Use the one way systems and queue arrangements as marked. You may need to “give way” to other building users where one way systems can’t be implemented

  • Wear face coverings on public transport and in indoor retail outlets

  • Do not exceed the indicated room capacity

  • Only visit those areas that you need to visit

Our Security team operates a 24/7 service and is trained to respond to medical situations. If you feel unwell, or are aware of someone who is, call 01225 383999.