A PCR test for international travel can be collected from the West Accommodation Centre, in Polden on the West side of campus, or from the Virgil Building in the city centre. Both locations are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You will be responsible for taking the tests at the appropriate time and delivering them to a Randox Drop box for collection. The drop box in Bath is only open on Monday to Friday until 2pm, at the Vivo Clinic, Hetling Court, BA1 1SH.

Full instructions for how to use and then repackage the tests is provided within the pack. We recommend that you watch the video before you take your test so you are absolutely clear what to do.

You will be responsible for taking your test at the correct time; if you are using this for travel purposes then you must take within the time limits specified by your destination. You should check with your flight or travel operator if you are unsure. The UK Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office also provides guidance on testing requirements.

You are responsible for registering your kit at the Randox Kit registration website. You will need your passport to hand when you register, and you will also need to supply a contact email address.

Tests should be taken on the day they are shipped.

Please take care to make sure you correctly register the kit. You will receive an email when you register the kit to confirm this has been done correctly. Results will be returned to you by email to the email address that you provide when you register the kit.

The University does not get your test results; these are your personal health information and we cannot follow up results if these do not arrive when expected. The service is provided by a third party and the University is not responsible for late or delayed results.

We can’t offer any different types of tests or reimburse you if you’ve already bought outward travel tests. We can’t offer return tests or provide financial support for self-isolation on or off campus.