‘Redefining the status quo in academia’ is a two-day conference from the GW4 EDI STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine) hub to identify what Equity, Diversity and Inclusion actions are required to cause a culture shift in STEMM subjects across the GW4 network. Taking place on 13-14 September at the University of Cardiff and online, anyone interested in EDI in STEMM is invited to attend this free conference.

I would like to acknowledge the work of Sarah Bailey and Ana Alvarez Serra at Bath for their contribution to organizing this event. Bringing together colleagues across the GW4 universities to share challenges and foster collaboration is an important step towards meaningful change in STEMM. I really hope many colleagues will participate and help make a difference to advance our work on inclusive excellence.

Professor Rajani Naidoo, Vice-President (Community and Inclusion)

This event aims to provide a space to share new ideas that will stimulate our thinking about equity, diversity and inclusivity. The project received funding as part of the new GW4 Building Communities Development Awards to support the development of a ‘community of practice’ in STEMM EDI across Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter Universities.

Bringing together colleagues from across HE, the conference will enable us to think creatively about how we identify and redefine the status quo in academia based on our intersectional identities.

I’m excited to network with colleagues from different Universities who are likely sharing many of the same challenges – this is a great opportunity to learn from one another and to share best practice but also to work together to create innovative solutions to common issues.

Dr Sarah Bailey, Faculty of Science Athena SWAN Champion

Discussions will centre around 3 main themes:

  • Decolonising and Diversifying the STEMM curricula
  • Inclusivity and accessibility: From small to large steps forward
  • The leaky pipeline: Recruitment, retention and promotion

Talks will be followed by networking opportunities to share best practice across the GW4 Network.

This event is open and relevant to Professional, Technical and Operational staff, academic staff and postgraduate students (PGRs).

A number of staff at Bath were involved in securing funding from the GW4 Building Communities Development Awards as part of the proposal team: Ana Alvarez Serra, Sarah Bailey, Alice Hovanessian, Hannah Leese, Despina Moschou, Rajani Naidoo, Chloe Turner.