Our Research Ethics Open House initiative is part of our commitment to contributing towards an improved research culture underpinned by good research integrity. Our aim, is to provide a forum to disseminate information about our processes, offer support to staff and students, answer queries and foster informed discussions on topics such as: research ethics, open and trusted research, engaging with participants etc.

Topic Date
Masters and UG session 6 September 2023
Drafting good participant facing materials 4 October 2023
Working with the NHS - sponsorship and IRAS process 1 November 2023
Trusted Research, Export Control and NSI Act 6 December 2023
News updates on ethics and integrity 10 January 2024
Top tips for completing the research ethics form 7 February 2024
Nagoya Protocol 6 March 2024
Working with human tissue 3 April 2024
Top Tips for Open Research 1 May 2024
Research ethics drop-in session 5 June 2024
Research Ethics and Risk Assessments 3 July 2024

Please register your interest to attend any, or all, of the sessions by completing this short form.

All sessions will be hosted via Teams and you can join our open house via this link.

If you would like us to hold 'themed' sessions on a particular topic or for a particular group of people e.g. engineers, students, working with the NHS, getting MHRA approval, an IRAS clinic etc please do let us know via this form.

Recordings and presentations will be published on Ethics@Bath Portal.