A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ourselves and Yonsei in June last year, establishing new links with the country’s oldest private university.

The paper - Electronic structure and band alignment of zinc nitride – explores the development of new electronic materials for use in solar cells and light-emitting diodes. It features in issue seven of the international journal RSC Advances, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

First author, Su-Hyun Yoo, is a visiting postgraduate scholar at our Department of Chemistry. A postgraduate from Yonsei University, he is one of the first recipients of our Global Partner Research Scholarship.

Professor Aron Walsh, corresponding author on the paper, said: “The partnership between our Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies and the Global E3Institute at Yonsei continues to expand.

“Su-Hyun's visit has been tremendously productive and a major benefit to both him and the rest of my research group.

“We look forward to many more joint activities."

Professor Matt Davidson, Head of the Department of Chemistry and Director of CSCT, will be visiting Yonsei University later this month.