Hear about the science of storms, alternative funeral practices, how exercise affects us during lockdown and the maths of exponential growth in this talk series from University of Bath researchers.

Talks will be taking place at 1pm every Thursday on the University of Bath Facebook account and are aimed at a family audience. Below is a list of currently scheduled talks:

Thursday 9th April: Kate Woodthorpe – Alternative funeral practices and COVID-19

Thursday 16th April: Andy Barnes – The science of storms

Thursday 23rd April: John Troyer – How we treat the dead and dying

Thursday 30th April: Rob Edinburgh – How exercise and meal timing effects weight loss

Thursday 7th May: Kit Yates – The maths of life and death

Thursday 14th May: Sally Adams – The emotional effects of hangovers

Thursday 21st May: Jean-Phillipe Walhin – Exercise and nutrition in lockdown Q&A

Thursday 28th May: Hannah Rumble – Alternative funeral practices and COVID-19

Thursday 4th June: Ioanna Stamataki - Floods and flash floods

Thursday 11th June Ed Keough - The psychology of pain

Thursday 18th June Mike Richardson - Reading with your tongue

Thursday 9th July Melissa Atkinson - The psychology of body image

Thursday 6th August Jane Younger - Penguins in a warming world