The project is led by Clinical Psychologist in training Sarah Densham and supervised Dr James Gregory, Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer at the University of Bath. Sarah is keen on finding out how people with hoarding difficulties remember things to improve our understanding of hoarding difficulties with a view to ultimately improving treatment approaches.

Sarah wants to recruit a range of local people – both those with hoarding difficulties and those who experience obsessions and compulsions, including OCD. She’s also keen to recruit people with no current mental health difficulties – so she can compare experiences.

To take part you’ll need to complete an online survey, which will take roughly 1 hour. In addition to contributing to research in this area, in return for taking part you’ll receive an Amazon voucher.

Sarah explained: “Memory plays a really important role in our emotional well-being. We want to find out whether people with hoarding difficulties have particular ways of remembering by asking them and people without hoarding difficulties to complete an online study which involves an online memory task and a questionnaire about their life experiences. Understanding more about how memories are processed by people with hoarding difficulties is an important step to informing treatment.”