Working towards the University's goal to reduce disposable waste, Campus Services has now launched the pizza exchange scheme in lime tree.

In the last academic year, customers in lime tree used over 55,800 cardboard takeaway pizza boxes.

The decision to introduce the new boxes helps to:

  • address the impact on the environment
  • achieve our Sustainable Food Commitment targets around:
    • reducing food waste
    • minimising packaging

The new reusable pizza box is now available to buy at lime tree for £5. and gives you a 20p discount on your pizza each time you use it.

The box works like the Exchange cup scheme. Bring the reusable container to the lime tree and use it for taking away pizza or bringing leftovers away with you.

You can swap it in for a token when you don't want to carry the box, meaning you can pick up a new one on your next visit.

The pizza exchange does not work on orders from the self service kiosk, only on orders made at the coffee counter and the bar.