A report was previously presented in 2009 and provided a comprehensive view of the history of the development of campus, the drivers for change, the underpinning evidence base, and the consultation undertaken.

Since that time development on campus has continued apace and the specific proposals outlined in the 2001 Masterplan have now been developed. These include the new 4 West, the Student Centre, the East building and improvements to the Arrivals Area.

Martyn Whalley, Director of Estates, said: “We have continued to engage with key stakeholders in the development of the new Masterplan. Following comments and public consultation in the Guildhall in 2008 we have made amendments to address comments.

“We are indebted to the input from our staff, students, and the local residents in helping us formulate this plan. It also aligns with the Bath & North East Somerset Core Strategy document and has the same timeline of 2026.”

The Higher Education landscape in the UK has also changed significantly in the last three years, most notably in terms of Government policy and student funding.

Whilst the University is still expected to grow between now and 2026 it is extremely difficult to accurately predict by how much and in which areas.

“The implication of this for the Masterplan is that a greater degree of flexibility is required in terms of specific nature and timing of development proposals to be able to respond to needs and priorities at that time,” added Martyn.

“This new Masterplan embraces all of the features in the draft document which enhance the unique setting of the University campus and allow us to continue to develop and maintain our position as a major employer and destination for students and research funding.”