The fellowships are funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) through the Rutherford Fund, and aim to foster stronger links between future research leaders and the UK research community.

SAMBa successfully won funding for this new scheme in collaboration with the CDT in Sustainable Chemical Technologies and fellows have now joined us from institutions across Mexico and Brazil.

Fellows have been able to build new collaborations and relationships with staff and students in the Department, but also with each other and we hope that there will continue to be strong links between all the researchers involved. Alejandro Betancourt de la Parra, who joined us from Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas (CIMAT) in Mexico said:

My time in Bath has been both productive and enjoyable. I started a collaboration in an area that was new to me, and we have managed to obtain some interesting results which we expect to submit for review in the coming months. The department was always supportive and the University provided an excellent environment to carry out research. On a personal note, I found the city of Bath a fascinating place which I hope to visit again in the future!

The SAMBa Rutherford Fellows are:

  • Alejandro Betancourt de la Parra from CIMAT, working with Johannes Nordstrom to study the behaviour and singularities of the Laplacian flow.
  • Reynaldo Castaneira Ramírez from Instituto Tecnologico de Oaxaca, working with Kirill Cherednichenko on the homogenised behaviour of a class of nonlinear problems with multiple length-scales.
  • Sofia Ortega Castillo from CIMAT, working with Veronique Fischer on solutions to Cauchy-Riemann equations through a link to the Heisenberg group.
  • Breno Raphaldini Ferreira Da Silva from the University of São Paulo, working with Paul Milewski to model and simulate various nonlinear dymanics and wave interactions in the equatorial atmospheric waveguide.