SAMBa, based in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Bath, trains its PhD students as interdisciplinary mathematicians, working in emerging fields at the interface of statistics with probability , applied mathematics and computation. Their continued funding has been confirmed as part of the latest set of awards from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

EPSRC is investing £446 million in 75 CDTs, with over £380 million additional funding or cash in kind coming from industry partners with a stated aim to develop the skills needed for UK prosperity.

Professor Andreas Kyprianou, co-Director of SAMBa said:

We are over the moon to be awarded this funding, which represents a huge collective effort from everyone involved in SAMBa - both in delivering a successful programme of training over the last four and a half years, and writing a high quality proposal to do even more next time. We have big ambitions for SAMBa in the future: more students, more diversity, more internationalisation, more partners and it’s going to be great to get started!

SAMBa began in 2014 and now has a cohort of 75 students many of whom are co-supervised by industry, government agencies or departments outside of mathematical sciences. The flagship activities of SAMBa are the highly successful Integrative Think Tanks (ITTs). These are week long workshops in collaboration with external partners, developing mathematical research questions that address challenges from industry and other sciences. ITTs have generated new PhD projects, deep and long-lasting partnerships and novel and exciting research ideas.

Professor Paul Milewski, co-Director of SAMBa and Head of The Department of Mathematical Sciences said:

The renewal of SAMBa will allow us to build on a fantastic foundation we have created here at Bath, where we have developed an innovative training approach that is recognised worldwide. This is testament to the commitment of our colleagues in the department of Mathematical Sciences and we look forward to collectively delivering even more high quality research and impact over the next 8 years.

Building on initial funding from EPSRC, SAMBa have generated a further £4.3million of funding since 2014 to further enhance the activities and reach of the centre. This new tranche of funding will allow SAMBa to continue to grow relationships with industry and become a truly international entity: ITTs are planned with organisations in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Professor Caroline Colijn, Chair of SAMBa’s Advisory and Monitoring Board said:

I have observed the growth and success of SAMBa over the last few years, and been impressed by the quality of the students, research, and external partnerships. The team are passionate about creating an inclusive atmosphere where excellence can flourish, and I am excited to see what more they deliver over the coming years.

On behalf of EPSRC, Professor Sir Ian Diamond, overall chair of the CDT panels said:

I would like to congratulate all those who were successful in being funded and look forward to hearing of the research that will emanate from the Centres. The successful Centres will focus on cohort-based doctoral training and cover a wide range of fields, from Medical Imaging to Quantum Engineering, Offshore Renewable Energy to Statistical Applied Mathematics. The importance of developing STEM skills is a key part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy, ensuring that all areas of the UK embrace innovation and build the skills the economy needs to thrive.