The grants will be used in workshops and research staff exchanges across the SAMBa remit, in collaboration with the Mexican institutions of Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM) and Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas (CIMAT).

Exchanges for early career researchers in probability theory

Professor Andreas Kyprianou (SAMBa) and Juan Carlos Pardo (CIMAT) have been awarded a prestigious Newton Advanced Fellowship, enabling visits between the organisations over two years. There is also support for two workshops with a primary focus on probability.

Workshops for PhD students in statistics and applied maths

Dr Gavin Shaddick has been awarded funding from the University’s International Relations Office to hold three workshops. Two will be focused on statistics, and one on applied maths, with student-led mini-conferences run alongside them. They will form a series of workshops based around topical subjects. The first workshop is due to take place in November and will be centred on the use of big data in environmental research.

SAMBa students will be involved in delivering each workshop, and will lead the training in computational methods through practical implementation of case-studies. Students from Bath and the Mexican institutions will also present their own research projects in the mini-conferences.

Gavin said: “I am really looking forward to the first workshop and in developing the series in the future. It is a really exciting concept and will be a great experience for the students, with many opportunities for collaboration.”

The BUC series

These workshops have been termed the BUC series (Bath, UNAM, CIMAT). Thanks to the funding that has been awarded (supplemented by funding from the Mexican institutions).

SAMBa’s links with Mexico are already growing but the high quality research enabled from these activities will result in substantial impact from all three institutions. There will be opportunities for students and researchers from SAMBa and the Department of Mathematical Sciences to work with world-leading academics, spend time developing collaborative research projects, and gain experience in delivering training courses.