Published by Biteback, the book -'Sex, Lies & The Ballot Box'- reveals 50 things you need to know about British Elections and explains some of the more surprising facts about Britain's politicians and voters.

Across 51 chapters, each written by leading experts in the field, it focuses on particular statistics or trends in voting behaviour, whilst illustrating broader issues about elections and voting.

Dr Cutts' chapter 'Voting together: why the household matters' looks at how people's identities, norms and attachments are shaped and the role of the household in forming political opinions.

He explains: "The household is the main locale for political discussion and decision-making. It is the focal point for reciprocal inter-personal interaction, where individuals obtain and reinforce their political values, attitudes, norms, party preferences, as well as deciding whether to vote or not."

Other chapters in the book cover the importance of the economy, of women and ethnic minority voters, the effect of leaders, grassroots campaigning and opinion polling.