The new solar panel array is the largest at the University, and has been carefully positioned for maximum efficiency. With 100 per cent of the electricity generated from the panels being used on site, the University will save an estimated £8,000 per year in energy costs. This system will save nearly 18 tonnes of CO₂ per year.

In addition to the panels, there are two new ‘mini-power stations’ known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units installed in Polden, which provide hot water and electricity for the building. These will generate around £40,000 worth of electricity every year, and recycle the waste heat to supply hot water to the building, saving a further 25 tonnes of CO₂ per year.

We now generate nine per cent of our own electricity on campus, partly from 5 large sets of solar panels, which save over £22,500 and 51 tonnes of CO₂ per year, but the majority from our 2 existing CHPs which save around 400 tonnes CO2 every year.