This Announcement is about the Microsoft Wiki app within Microsoft Teams. It is not about the University of Bath Wiki Service provided by Confluence.

Retirement of the Wiki app in Teams

In 2017, the Wiki app was launched as a simple notetaking solution at the start of the Teams journey. This meant you could add the Wiki app as a tab within your Teams channels as a space to collectively add and edit content with your Team members.

As the Notes app (powered by OneNote) also offer notetaking capability in Teams, and brings increased features and functionality compared to the Wiki, the Wiki app is going to be retired by Microsoft.

Action you need to take if you have used the Wiki the app in Teams

From mid-March, Microsoft will start to display a reminder banner within your Teams channel with further information and guidance, and the option to export your content to OneNote.

Watch Microsoft’s short animation demonstrating what you can expect to see.

If you have used the Wiki app in Teams, you will need to:

Follow the guidance from Microsoft and export your Wiki pages to OneNote once the export feature becomes available within your Teams workspace.

Review your new pages for any formatting changes as some content, such as images, may be displayed differently.

Once you have exported your content, your Wiki tab will become read-only. Microsoft have advised you will not be able to access your Wiki tab or the Wiki App in Teams from January 2024.