This year’s nominations were the most impressive ever in terms of the breadth, quality and diversity of the nominations received, as well is in numbers. We received over 80 nominations for individuals and teams (some received multiple nominations), meaning that approximately 300 staff and students from the whole University community engaged in the awards process, either as a nominee, nominator or supporter.

Many of the nominations received provided an incredible level of detail with multiple nominators and supporters, and are a testament to the excellence of our professional services/support staff, and to how much they are valued by students and colleagues alike.

Thank you to everyone who got involved.

The winners will be presented with their awards at this year’s Staff Recognition Evening on Monday 2 July at which it will be announced which category of award they have won, and who has won the Staff Recognition Award for Overall Excellence. Keep an eye out as we share some of their stories over the next few weeks.

Congratulations to this year’s winners and those who were highly commended:

Award winners

  • City Operations Team (Bethany Beaton, Gemma Billett, Marek Cyrklewicz, Lizzie Irvine, Magdalena Nasieniak, Sam O’Gorman)
  • Dr Emma Cliffe
  • Dr Susie Douglas
  • Richard Dyer and Gareth Eyles
  • Patricia Paluch
  • Caroline Ransford
  • Connor Russell

Highly Commended

  • Barbara Beach
  • Dr Ashok Chauhan
  • Corinne Evans
  • DBA Admin Team (Dinah Bryant, Lesa Cross, Jacqueline Stockley)
  • Michael Grace
  • IMI Team (Dr Catherine Barnaby, Nia Fenn, Dr Joanna Jordan, Dr Ellen Murphy, Juliet Somma, Sanne Terry, Dr Filipa Vance, Dr Lorna Wilson, Rachel Willis)
  • Philip Jones
  • Elene Liquete Cotera
  • Dr Susanna Martin and Dr Maria Nikolaidou
  • Rachael McHugh
  • Judith Newton
  • Donald Perry
  • Jill Prior
  • Karen Rayford
  • Alice Rebbeck
  • School of Management Assessment Team (Natalie May, Dr Chris Roche, Lucy Venables, Yana Yevsiyevich)
  • Rose Stephenson
  • Jacqueline Stockley
  • Navdeep Uppal
  • Julia Warburton
  • Hannah Weeks


Congratulations to everyone who was nominated. Being nominated for an award is a huge achievement and is recognised by the University as such. We have written to all those who were nominated, and to their Heads of Department, congratulating them on their nomination. Congratulations to:

  • Catalina Amihaeisi
  • Ewan Basterfield
  • Kitty Bratt
  • Savannah Britton
  • Tania Dear
  • Kay Elliott
  • Adam Flint
  • Victoria Hill
  • David Howells
  • Nicola Johnson
  • Dawn Lloyd
  • Diana Moore
  • MSc Office Team
  • Parcel Office Team at Eastwood Lodge (Chris Ackroyd, Jason Carpenter, Robert Clements, Simon Moon, Thomas Oldham, Richard Orford, Dave Phillips, Richard Sampson, David Spanswick, Jim Torrie, Stephen Varley, Raymond Waite)
  • Jannika Pott
  • Dr Chris Roche
  • Cynthia Spencer
  • Sport science and physio team (Claire Allison, Joni Anderson, James Boulton, Harri Cizmic, Jack Dawkins, Tania Dear, Barry Edwards, Gina Goodridge, Adam Kwasnicki, Fiona Lithander, Wendy Messer, Sian Morgan, Gemma Prior-Reeves, Jonathan Robinson, Helen Smith, George Studd, Katy Williams)
  • Laura Stubbs
  • Carole Torrie
  • Lucy Venables
  • Justin Wilson
  • Mandy Wilson-Garner

Staff Recognition Awards Selection Committee

We are very grateful to this year’s Selection Committee for giving their time, experience and expertise in selecting this year’s award winners:

  • Professor Chris Brace
  • Peter Eley
  • Saiyada Fazal
  • Stephen Nicholson
  • Mark Ricketts
  • Julie Samways
  • Professor Sue Wonnacott (Chair)