The Highly Cited Researchers 2019 List identifies the world's most influential researchers, reflected in their publication of multiple, highly-cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year.

The list is comprised of 6,216 researchers from over 60 countries, across 21 fields of research, ranging from agricultural sciences and economics, to physics and space science. Overall less than 0.1% of the world’s researchers have earned this exclusive distinction.

Stijn's research is on the formation and evolution of galaxies, from the peak of cosmic star formation ten billion years ago to the present day.

Using multi-wavelength observations, he investigates how and when stars were formed, and how the structure and kinematic nature of galaxies evolved. These observations are obtained with the world’s most powerful telescopes in space and on the ground.

By combining tracers of direct star light, dust-radiated emission, ionised and molecular gas, he is shedding light on the growth of galactic disks, the emergence of bulges, and the connection to the dark matter halos in which galaxies reside.