As you will be aware, a Red weather warning has been issued for parts of the South West of England for tomorrow (Friday 18th February) in relation to Storm Eunice. The warning for Bath remains Amber at present and the University intends to open as usual but we will keep the situation under review and post any updates if the forecast changes. Please be aware that the Amber alert means the storm conditions will be severe, with wind gusts of 70-80 mph possible.

The Amber warning highlights the risk of high impacts such as disruption to power, travel and other services. Damage is also likely for buildings and trees.

Further information on Storm Eunice and advice on travel can be found here: Red Weather Warning issued for Storm Eunice - Met Office

The latest forecast for our local area can be found here: Bath (Bath and North East Somerset) weather - Met Office

If you are on campus, please make sure all windows are closed before you leave today. Given the force of the gales predicted, please avoid re-opening them until the storm has passed and consider other means of minimising Covid transmission for the duration.

Please take extreme care when moving around campus.