Over the summer period Student Services will be changing its name to Student Support & Safeguarding. This change is to make it clearer to students what we do, in light of the creation of the new, much broader, Directorate of Education and Student Services.

In the wider community and particularly for students, we will be referred to as Student Support.

It’s only the name that is changing and you can expect all the same services currently on offer. You will start to see Student Support now, and can expect all changes to be made for the new academic year. We will be making the necessary changes over the summer to our webpages, materials and centre, so please bear with us as we transition.

Please also take this opportunity to update any local information you may have that references Student Services such as printed materials, webpages, student handbooks and other resources.

You can find all our information on our new Student Support webpage or contact us on our new email studentsupport@bath.ac.uk

We will update you on our progress but please do contact us on the details below if you spot anything that needs to be changed or if you require more information from us to support any changes.