The Buskineers will be taking engineering to the streets of Bath and Bristol as well as a number of local festivals with busking style performances from engineers across all disciplines.

The Buskineers team are looking for research and industry engineers who would be interested in being part of an eight minute engineering performance, to be in any format including poetry, music, interpretive dance or comedy.

The student-led project, which has been made possible following a £4,000 grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering, is seeking individuals who are passionate about their field and up for a challenge and keen to improve their communication and presentation skills.

All Buskineers will receive training at a free professional workshop run by David Price from Science Made Simple. David will help volunteers prepare their performances by providing essential presentation and communication skills training as well as tips to perfect their performances. Funding is also available to develop performances and cover reasonable travel expenses.

PhD student in the University’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) and one of the organisers of The Buskineers project, Helena Quilter, said: “We’re really excited about running this project. We plan to transform a group of engineers into street performers, teaching them some invaluable communication skills along the way.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to challenge public perceptions of who engineers are too – a lot of people just think about construction and hard hats! Engineering is an incredibly broad subject and we hope to be able to show off just some of the work engineers do in a fun and creative way.”

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 25 May at the University of Bath and the first busking performance will feature at the Bristol Festival of Nature on 12–13 June.

The team has also confirmed performance slots at the Bath Festival of Nature (Saturday 25 June), Bath Carnival (Saturday 16 July) and are currently confirming another event late July/early August.

Places are limited and the deadline to sign up is 6 May. For more information and to sign up, please visit