The Bath Award gives students the chance to showcase to potential employers the skills they have developed through a range of extra-curricular activities including volunteering, paid work and mentoring.

Once students pass The Bath Award, they are invited to attend the annual award ceremony to celebrate their achievements.

Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching), who presented at this year’s ceremony, said:

The Bath Award underwent a major review in 2018 and this has led the Award to becoming a lot more streamlined, making it even easier for students to make their extra-curricular commitments count! The Review has also established close links with placements across the University and the preparation that students undertake being directly transferable to the Award. Therefore, I encourage staff across our institution to promote The Bath Award to their students in order to ensure that academic work is complemented with formal recognition for their student’s extra-curricular commitments.

Bath Award recipient Hanne Arts, MSci Psychology, said:

I enjoyed taking part in The Bath Award because it allowed me to pursue my passions and expand my skillset. For example, being part of the Bath Minds and Vegetarian Society committees taught me leadership, and volunteering at AgeUK advanced my verbal communication. Tutoring international students taught me cultural awareness, and publishing two full-length novels enhanced my writing skills.

Overall, The Bath Award helped me appreciate my time at university more, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Shahmeer Baloch, BEng Mechanical Engineering with Manufacturing and Management, who also received his award yesterday said:

I have always been keen to get involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities and The Bath Award was the perfect opportunity to formally recognise my contributions. However, the Award was more than just an opportunity to improve the CV as it gave me a chance to reflect on all of my accomplishments and the goals that I had set for the future.

I would strongly recommend The Bath Award as it not only encourages and reflects on personal development, but is a vital asset for demonstrating interpersonal skills to employers.

Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching), said at the event:

I would like to congratulate you, the students, who have found the time, on top of all your studies and extra-curricular activities, to commit to completing the Bath Award, which will not only help you in your future careers, but showcases your dedication and passion to your skills development and to making a difference.