In July, our research students organised and hosted this year's Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences postgraduate conference. The two-day event, now in its third year, was on the theme ‘Changing Lives, Changing Worlds’.

Postgraduate students from across the Faculty took part, either through presentations or attendance. At least one academic lead each panel discussion.

Paper presentation topics included:

  • understanding the English language classroom
  • analysing student environmental consciousness
  • sustainable urban design
  • international criminal courts and the resurgence of non-intervention
  • social justice for disabled asylum seekers

Igniting ideas

The conference also had an IGNITE session. This offered students the challenge of summarising their topic in five minutes with slides passing every 15 seconds.

Posters were also shown. Topics included the relationship between anorexia nervosa and obsessive compulsive disorder and encouraging pro-environmental and adaptive behaviour change through tailored communications.

Contemporary issues

The conference keynote speaker was Professor John Hudson from the Department of Economics who presented the use of robots in the social sector.

There was also a question and answer session with Professor Nick Pearce, Director of the Institute for Policy Research. Given recent events, this focused on Brexit and its political and policy implications. It was a great way to entice students to further analyse and be aware of the political environment in the UK.

The Faculty supported the conference, but it was organised by a committee of students. These students dedicated their free time to make it a success.

Conference committee members

Commenting on the event, Andrea Delgado said: “This is a great opportunity for students because not only did they participate as presenters in a friendly and known environment, but it also allowed us to get to know each other and contribute to the Faculty.”