Members of the Students Union (SU) at the University of Bath are rallying to support Bath’s 3rd Sector Group (3SG) and provide help to those in need during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Around 300 students have signed up to support 3SG – an independent charity that works to support the wider charity, social enterprise, faith and voluntary sector in Bath and North East Somerset. The students responded to the charity’s call for volunteers to support ‘a compassionate response to Covid-19’.

The students, along with over 1,400 local residents, have offered their time and resources to help get food and other supplies to people who are unable to leave their homes.

Bath RAG, one of the SU’s volunteering groups, has also set up a community relief fund. All donations made to this fund will be used to help fund projects that likewise aim to support elderly residents and other vulnerable groups with food delivery services.

Students are coordinating some of their efforts to help the community currently through the SU’s Corona Community page. Over 3,600 students signed up to the page within a week of the page’s creation. Most recently, students used the platform to coordinate a project to send handmade cards to local nursing homes to help spread a sense of cheer.

Eve Alcock, SU President, comments: “Many students, who have chosen not to return home to their families, or who live in the local area anyway, want to do all they can to support those most in need at this time. We’re all keenly aware that we’re living through a time without modern parallel in terms of the challenges we face. We also know that by uniting together, we can protect people who need help most, as well as supporting one another.”

Dr Cassie Wilson, Vice President – Student Experience at the University of Bath, adds: “Many elderly and vulnerable people are understandably scared at this time, and facing a host of practical challenges with regards to getting food and other supplies. We’re incredibly proud that students are using their creativity and ingenuity to contribute to the community, helping those in need and generally doing something positive in an otherwise very difficult time.”

In another community initiative, University of Bath students have been donating unneeded items to Bath Foodbank as they clear out their accommodation to return home due to the coronavirus pandemic. This initiative is being led by the Revd Canon Nigel Rawlinson, University Chaplain at the University of Bath.