The Vice-Chancellor gave a report on current key issues for the University, including the recent announcement of funding for the Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS) project and fire safety.

Finance: Council approved the 2016/17 forecast, the estimates of income and expenditure for 2017/18 and forecasts for the period to 2021/22, as well as the financial forecasts for submission to HEFCE.

Risk: Council approved the risk register and risk management plan 2017.

Research integrity: Council approved the annual Statement on Research Integrity.

Career progression for research-only staff: Council approved revisions to the Career Progression in the Education and Research Job Family Principles and Framework document (CPER) to improve career progression for research-only staff.

Intellectual property:Council noted a report on return on intellectual property.

50th Anniversary: Council noted an interim report on activities in celebration of the University’s 50th Anniversary.

Ordinances: Council approved revisions to Ordinance 12 to abolish the Graduate Liaison Board, as recommended by Convocation.

Standing Orders and election processes: Council approved revisions to its Standing Orders and processes for elections.

Doctoral Committees: Council approved new dates for meetings of the new University Doctoral Studies Committee and Board of Studies (Doctoral).