The following issues were discussed at the Council meeting on 18 July 2019.


Council discussed the proposed governance structure for IAAPS and approved IAAPS, on the recommendation of Senate, as a new Research Institute.


Council noted the revised 2018/19 forecast, approved the estimates of University income and expenditure for 2019/20 and noted the forecasts for the period to 2023/24. It also noted the Annual Report on Intellectual Property.


Council approved the Risk Register and Risk Management Plan for 2019/20.


Council welcomed information on the engagement exercise with staff and students, planned for the Autumn which will be led by the Vice-Chancellor.

Framework for Senior Remuneration

Council approved a new framework for Senior Remuneration for immediate implementation, covering staff earning over £100,000 who are also on (or have recently been on) UEB. Some minor improvements were agreed at the meeting and once these have been incorporated, the final policy will be published in early August.


Council considered the campus masterplan and also noted early thinking at UEB level on the University’s approach to climate change.


Council approved:

  • the revised Anti-Bribery Policy
  • the new Anti-Criminal Finances policy
  • interim changes to the University’s Prevent Policy
  • the Annual Statement on Research Integrity

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Council noted:

  • the Athena SWAN annual report and the considerable progress that had been made
  • the commitments over a five year period being made to the Office for Students on widening participation
  • Equality and Diversity Student Monitoring Data 2017/18+

Senior Staff

Council approved the (re-)appointment of several Heads of Department:

  • extension of the appointment of Professor Eamonn O’Neill as Head of Department of Computer Science until 30 September 2019
  • continuation of Professor Nick Brook as Head of Department of Physics until a replacement is found
  • appointment of Professor David Galbreath as Acting Head of Department of PoLIS from 1 August 2019 for up to one year while discussions continue
  • new Head of Computer Science (external)

Council governance

Council approved:

  • appointment of members of Council to Committees following amendment to Standing Orders
  • extension of the pilot links scheme to all members and note that guidance was being produced; the scheme to be reviewed after 12 months
  • revision of the Register of Interests form, which would be published on the web for Council members
  • extension of the appointment of Dr Nicky Kemp as Acting University Secretary for the purposes of University Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and other relevant governance functions, until 14 May 2020
  • appointment of Ms Emily Commander as Secretary to Council with effect from 19 August 2019

Council thanked departing members

  • Professor David Bird
  • Dr Michael Carley
  • Ms Anne Goodman
  • Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith
  • Mr Peter Troughton
  • Mr Roger Whorrod, who will no longer be on Council but will be remaining as Pro-Chancellor for a further year

July 2019