Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly and generative AI (GenAI) tools like ChatGPT, Claude, Bard and Elicit are now being used in innovative ways in higher education teaching and scholarship.

The Skills Centre, in collaboration with the Centre for Learning & Teaching, has developed a new module for students to deepen their knowledge of GenAI tools and use them confidently and responsibly. This builds on a video guide released in March 2023, which sets out key points and questions for students to consider when using AI tools for their academic work.

The self-access Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) module, which students can access on MySkills, includes the following short interactive learning resources:

  • GenAI Prompts: learn how to produce effective prompts for GenAI and techniques to refine and improve GenAI responses, optimising them for academic needs.

  • GenAI Information Literacy: explore the strengths, limitations, and ethical considerations associated with GenAI and how best to use it without compromising academic integrity.

  • GenAI Critical Thinking and Evaluation: develop analytical skills to critically evaluate GenAI-generated content, distinguishing meaningful insights from inaccurate data.

  • GenAI Ethics: explore the key ethical implications relating to truth, privacy, and environmental impact.

  • GenAI Bias: develop a critical awareness of biases in generative AI systems and human users when interacting with these systems.

  • GenAI Data Privacy and Security: develop insights into the data privacy and security considerations of GenAI systems, including ethical data collection practices, secure data storage protocols, and responsible data sharing procedures.

The resources include reflection activities to reinforce learning. Interactions within the module are tracked and summarised on the 'My Results' page. Students have the option to save and download these in PDF format, for review or further discussion with peers or staff.

Dave Busby, Head of Digital & Academic Skills, said:

I hope students will find this resource useful to explore the nuances of GenAI and develop a clear understanding of how to use AI tools as part of a tech-augmented academic journey which always keeps ethics and critical thinking at its core.

You can find further tips on using these tools properly in our Academic & Employability blog.

Information and resources for staff on the University of Bath's approach to generative AI are available on the CLT's Learning & Teaching Hub.