The free event “Taking waste out of wastewater” is being held at the University in 2 East 3.1, on Tuesday 6 November 13:15 – 14:05.

Speaker Mark van Loosdrecht is a professor in Environmental Biotechnology at the Delft University of Technology. His scientific interests are mainly focused on biofilm processes, nutrient conversion, and the role of storage polymers in microbial ecology. He is especially interested in new processes for wastewater treatment and resource recovery from organic waste.

Professor van Loosdrecht, together with Professor Bruce Rittmann, was named the 2018 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate for his pioneering role in the water-related environmental biotechnology revolution currently taking place.

Their research has also led to a new generation of water treatment processes that make it possible to remove harmful contaminants from water, cut wastewater treatment costs, reduce energy consumption and even recover chemicals and nutrients for recycling.

Professor Jan Hofman, Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC) Director, said: “I’m proud to have my friend Mark van Loosdrecht here on campus for the WIRC Water Colloquium and the Chemical Engineering Seminar. Mark is a great innovator and researcher in the water sector. He has delivered true impact in the way we treat our waste waters. There is more innovation to come from him in the coming years. I hope his lecture can be an inspiration for many young academics and students in our water centre, as he was for me years ago.”