Road improvement works are currently taking place on campus at the end of Convocation Avenue, junction with the East car park. In order to facilitate urgent ground works across the width of the road, the highlighted area of Convocation Avenue in the plan below (pink coloured area) will be closed for a short period to all traffic from 00.30hr 16/01/23 until 04.45hr 16/01/23. There are no buses due to operate between the aforementioned times overnight. The pedestrian crossings within the highlighted area will be out of use from 3.00pm (15.00hr) on 15/01/23 until 04.45am (04.45hr) on 16/01/23.

Any vehicular traffic wishing to access the East side of the campus during the period of the road closure will have to do so via Quarry Road on the West side of campus.

Map of impacted area

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

Campus Infrastructure and Security Services