Memorial trees have been planted on Claverton Down campus since the earliest years of the University’s existence. In the shape of many different species, from copper beech and walnut to silver birch and crab apple, they remember individuals and groups, students, staff, colleagues, family and friends across five decades. Some signify happy memories, some sad. Some are visited privately by loved ones, others are the focus of a more formal, ongoing relationship with the University. In many cases they represent a living, deeply valued link to the campus community.

Over the years, as the campus has grown and developed, it’s been necessary to move and replace some memorial trees, but they continue as a lasting reminder of the strong connection between people and place. It is to honour this legacy of remembrance that we commissioned an original artwork for the Library.

The Library is home to the University’s memory (archives) so it’s fitting that our Remembering Tree, created by Bristol-based artist Zoë Power, offers an opportunity to pause and look back. It stands for more than 80 trees planted around campus between 1966 and 2016 and is dedicated to members of the University of Bath community no longer with us.