Frank visited campus for his shopping and newspaper every day except Christmas day for over 20 years. He was given the title (and name badge) of Number One Customer and was well loved by the team in Fresh. He also made great friends with colleagues from across campus who he’d meet out on his daily walks over the years. His favourite spot on campus was by the lakes where he liked to sit and feed the ducks.

When he could no longer get to campus due to health issues, friends from the University paid him weekly visits at home.

Graham Howse, Campus Infrastructure and Sarah Hope, Facilities said:

Frank was a big personality and we feel so lucky to have spent time with him and to have known him. He treated us like family and he felt like family to us. We loved hearing his stories.

You may remember him for his bright yellow University of Bath work jacket, which we gave him on his birthday one year and he wore with pride. Or for his flat cap, backpack and scooter. But you’ll most likely remember his big smile and positive, infectious energy.

We will miss his amazing smile and big hugs − he was loved by everyone.

Details of Frank’s funeral

Everyone who knew Frank is invited to attend his funeral at Haycombe Cemetery and Crematorium in Bath on Monday, 12 February at 10.45am.

Collections at the service will be donated to the brain injury charity, Headway in honour of Frank’s late daughter.