Obituary by PhDs Bas Lodewijks, Juliette Engelhart, Malek El-Qallali, and Michael Rogerson

Alisha fell ill while on holiday and was admitted to hospital upon returning to her parents home in Nepal. Tragically, complications related to her illness cut her life short.

Alisha was a much-loved and highly regarded member of the University of Bath’s MSc and PhD programme before graduating as a Doctor in Philosophy in 2021. She worked on a number of projects across the university, impressing people with her commitment to her work. Following her PhD, Alisha moved to the University of Surrey, first as a Research Fellow and then as a Lecturer, where she was already building a reputation as a respected and much-liked member of the research community.

Alisha was involved in some exciting and impactful research on circular economy business models and was also a wonderful teacher and an avid contributor to real-world practice. Alisha was 100% committed to making a positive difference in the world and even in her short life she managed to achieve so much.

She was a wonderful human being and a joy to have around, always full of light and laughter and warmth for everyone she met. She will be terribly missed by all who knew her.

We know that Alisha’s death may affect colleagues and a range of support is available: