We are pleased to announce that both parties have been working on an agreement to underpin efforts to create a working environment where employment is as secure and stable as possible for staff. The agreement also sets out how further, more innovative approaches might be tested and brought forward.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Ian White said: “Financially, these are challenging times for the University community - both collectively, as an institution, and as individuals within that community. This agreement represents another example of how we are working together to find ways that give our community stability whilst we continue to deliver excellence in research and teaching.”

Dr. David Moon, President of Bath UCU added: “We welcome this agreement, which is the culmination of five years of discussions and negotiations, following the branch’s initial anti-casualisation claim in 2018. The agreement guarantees important rights for staff across campus. Our members’ endorsement shows the value of such engagement as a route to positive outcomes and good local relations.”

Richard Brooks, Director of Human Resources, whose team have done much of the work in the background with Bath UCU on the agreement, said: “We recognise how important working conditions are to our people. I am pleased that we have made good progress with the local UCU branch in this pioneering work on contract types.”