The University of Bath is pleased to announce the renewal of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tsinghua University for a further three years. The partnership was initiated in 2012 with the University of Engineering and has grown and expanded into a university-wide partnership.

Based in China, Tsinghua University is ranked 25th worldwide in the 2024 QS World University Rankings and is one of Bath's top collaborators within the Asia Pacific region. The primary aim of this MoU is to solidify joint research engagement, exchanges between PhD students and the development of scientific workshops between academics to promote collaboration. Whilst the initial agreement in 2012 was primarily concentrated in the Faculty of Engineering and Design, the collaborations have broadened to the Faculty of Science, School of Management and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to make it a university-wide partnership.

Building upon current research collaboration, the previous agreement produced high-quality papers published with the Department of Computer Science on Indoor Scene Synthesis and Navigation. Additionally, the Department of Mathematics held an LMS-Bath Symposium in August 2023 where Professor Peng Shan from Tsinghua University presented a lecture series: Geometric and Categorical Representation Theory.

The University of Bath is proud to continue its education and research cooperation with the University of Tsinghua and is looking forward to the continued success of this partnership.