Tim Kaner, Chief Marketing Officer, is set to leave the University after eleven years leading our institutional marketing activity.

The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Ian White, said:

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Tim Kaner, Chief Marketing Officer, who steps down from his role at the beginning of March. Tim joined the University in 2012, firstly as Director of Marketing and Communications, then in 2019 took on the role of Chief Marketing Officer. That the University has been so successful, attracting a diverse range of talented students, owes much to Tim’s leadership of our marketing function.

“Tim has been a member of the University Executive Board throughout his time here. He has been a strong advocate of the Professional Services, and contributed to a broad range of strategic issues. His insights into the sector, and his professional marketing expertise have been of real value in positioning the University for success.

“I am most grateful for everything Tim has given to the University and wish him well in his future endeavours.”

Tim Kaner said:

“I would wish to acknowledge and express gratitude for the support, advice and collective effort of colleagues in my team, in other Professional Services and amongst the academic community which have been critical to any contribution I may have made to the University’s success.

“I am proud of the way the Department of Marketing have adapted with remarkable agility to the challenges they have faced and continued to deliver initiatives, activities and events at a high standard - a fact which is reflected in the high levels of satisfaction achieved in a recent benchmark survey.”

Tim’s career before joining the University included a period working as a branding and marketing consultant across industry sectors and over a decade at Sony Europe.

Arrangements for next steps will be put in place shortly.